Five Things To Do Around Willow Beach

Date: September 9, 2015
Category: Blog Tips

Looking for some good old fashioned R&R as well as some fun while you get away from it all? We’ve got the perfect place for you to set up camp in the form of Willow Beach Marina, located at the Arizona, Nevada border. Here you enjoy that rest and relaxation while you sightsee around the area. Curious as to what you can do around the Arizona-Nevada border? Here are five things to check out while you stay with us.

The Hoover Dam

Probably the most iconic destination to visit while you’re in the area, the Hoover Dam has a deep rooted history in the region due to its importance in electricity generation.  It’s an interesting feature of the area to consider while you sightsee, drawing nearly seven million tourist a year.

Las Vegas

They don’t call it the Entertainment Capital of the World for nothing you know. Located just under an hour from Willow Beach, Las Vegas offers multitudes of entertainment, dining and shopping for when you want to let your hair down a bit. Just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Houseboating at Callville and Cottonwood

Luxury house boating is just a stone throw’s away from Willow Beach with Cottonwood Cove Marina and Callville Bay. Both operated by Guest Services, LLC. you can experience the lake how it was meant to be, all with the comforts of home.  If you’ve never been house boating before, there’s no better opportunity than this.

Black Canyon River Adventures

Experience all the scenery and landscape of the region how it was meant to be with float down Black Canyon.  Witness the specular formation of the canyon walls and even get a unique glimpse of the Hoover Dam from its base. Raft tours are also available which are fun for the whole family.

Discover Willow Beach

There’s much to explore right in our own backyard of your campground or RV spot. Willow Beach offers fishing boat rentals to let out the inner angler in you, as well as kayak rentals so you can explore the area at your leisure. Explore our Willow Beach website to find out more of what we offer and to start planning your stay with us!



Ryan Shatto
Outdoor Adventure Specialist

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